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3 Common Reasons Why Your Web Design Isn't Working (and How to Fix It)

Selecting the perfect website design can often be time-consuming. There are numerous options you can choose from, and each provides a perfect fit for your business. When designing a good website, the designer must be both a professional and experienced designer to avoid unnecessary time-wasting and design optimum and efficient conversion websites that burst sales.

In the century we now live in, the internet is an integral part of our lives.

Therefore, when designing a website, much thought goes into having a professional website that will be adaptive, easy to navigate, and other great websites' standards. A great web design is also important because it depends on the foundation on which all your online marketing efforts depend. Any poor performance in any area can lead to the low conversion of visitors and also the ability to collect reliable data, which is useful for future marketing efforts.

But at times, a beautiful website design can still suffer from some flaws; this article has highlighted a few problems you might experience or be experiencing and how you can fix these problems.

1. Messy Code

When designing a website, much code is used, especially if it has more functions and features. If the codes used during design are unorganized and messy, this can lead to various issues. One of the significant problems is the low ranking of site contents in search engines.

Example of wrong coding:

Incorrect Robot.txt Files

Search engine bots like Google bots crawl through content on any site and index it for search engine optimization. Robot.txt (Don't know what that is? Click here) files are also known as robots exclusion protocol; they allow web crawlers and other web bots to know if there are particular areas in your site that they do not want to be scanned or processed. If there are incorrect robot.txt files, the web crawler may not read them correctly, leading to the whole site being crawled and indexed.

How to fix the problem

  • Robot.txt files must be in the top-level directory of your site.

  • Robot.txt files must be named in all lower case, e.g., "robots.txt."

  • Every subdomain must have its robots.txt files.

  • Always indicate the location of any sitemaps associated with your domain at the bottom of your robots.txt files.

  • You must not use robot.txt files to hide private user information as robot.txt files are publicly available.

2. Outdated Website Design

The overall design of any website needs to be pleasing both functionally and aesthetically. Visitors navigating the site will judge how good your website looks. But as we know, life is a constant change, so web design can also go outdated if it does not conform to the present and trending forms. An obsolete website creates unprofessionalism for your brand. You need to update your website to adhere to modern design principles continually. Some of the problems associated with the outdated sign are low-quality images and the inability to understand the website goals and forms for data collections.

How to fix this problem

  • Only make use of high-quality images relevant to the content on the page on which you are posting.

  • Make your website goals clear enough for visitors to understand within 5 seconds of navigating through.

  • Forms on the website should be simple and not complicated.

  • Always avoid the use of a pre-designed template for your website.

3. Poor Layout

It's essential to use a trending layout to improve the website's appealing appearance. When designing your layout, make sure it is consistent with the other pages to avoid problems. Long gone are the days where more is better when approaching the design of your website. When designing your website, follow the mantra, less is more!

If you experience a layout problem in your design, you can fix it by:

  • Ensuring your layout contains only essential and critical things to avoid clusters.

  • Avoid using too many widgets and ensure consistency throughout the site.

Do you need any more help?

We understand that web design can be a tenuous and exhausting process, but we are here for you to make life easy for you as a business owner who just wants to run their business. Please feel free to contact us on our website, and let's hop on a call to discuss your website design.

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