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SEO & Web Design: How They Work Hand in Hand

When deciding to start a new business or grow an existing business, it is essential to know what to focus on when it comes to acquiring new clients or creating a robust online presence. What do you want your target audience to see when they open your business website? Is it audience-friendly, and does it have the proper design to maximize profit and reach the audience's search intent? This point is where web design and SEO come in to play. Implemented with each other in mind will make your website exciting and interactive for users and ensures that your website viewers are interested in what service or product you provide.

In this article, you will learn how these two, SEO and web design go hand in hand in making your website work and business scale.

How Do SEO and Web Design Work Together?

The best way to explain how they work together is first to figure out what they can do separately.

Web Design

A modern, easy to navigate web design ensures that your website is appealing to the eye, and not difficult for your potential clients to find what they need. From getting the users' attention to making sure that people know what your website stands for, everything is shown to the target audience through its design.

When designing your website, you have to ensure that you are either taking everything into account, like UI/UX, optimization, responsiveness, etc., or you need to hire a web design company.

For example, if you are in Melbourne, do a quick Google search for 'web design melbourne', and choose a company that way!


SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, helps increase your website's visibility on search engines and improves the quality and value of traffic coming to your site. By having quality SEO, more people with search intent specific to what you are selling or offering will be able to locate your website on search engines, like Google.

How Do They Work Together?

Web design and SEO go hand in hand and help your website reach a larger and more varied audience by doing the following.

More People Visit The Website

When you have a good web design and an SEO strategy in place, you increase your chances of getting higher quality, more significant user traffic to your website. By specifying specific keywords and search phrases you're trying to rank for, you're aiming to rank your website as high as possible for those particular keywords.

Easier to Rank

With an SEO process in place, any website, when appropriately designed and strategically, can become part of a ranking system that can be indexed from significant sites such as Google or Bing. This way, your link or website link will be available for your users to see through searches on these engines.

Better Sales

With a website designed to simplicity, but focuses on maximum profit for the business, they must add SEO principles to make it even more visible. With an SEO friendly website, the company can focus on more profit as the number of quality traffic increases.

Compete Better

With an SEO friendly website, you will be able to fair better against your competitors. The better your traffic, the more quality leads you can expect and then better your performance. Having an SEO friendly weight with excellent and effective web design will help make sure that your site is visible and seen by your ideal consumer.

These are just a few but effective ways in which web design and SEO work together to make sure that your business and website reach a maximum number of people.

If you're in need of a quality website design built with SEO's best principles, contact The Dillon Ross Group to get started.


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