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3 Easy Ways to Market Your Medical Practice Differently

“Dr. Smith is ready to see you.” Some of the worst words for many people in America. Lots of people are scared of the Doctor’s office. However, in the changing world of technology, innovation, and advanced medical operations, the Doctor’s office doesn’t need to be so scary. To do that, the medical industry should really step up their traditional and digital marketing efforts.

Safety, security, and the power of care should rule your practice’s marketing strategy.

Doctors, specifically get a bad wrap historically. Think of the sterile, boring, and dull white office you have sat in—probably was an office of a doctor. In the process of promising the newest cutting-edge operation equipment, there are items from the 70s and 80s still lingering--not cute. If this is your office, good news for you, there are things you can do to help yourself. Specifically, there are three updates you need to apply to your office today!

Update #1: Step your paint game up!

If the colors of your walls reflect the monotonous nature of the hundreds of medical rosters you look at every day, you are doing something wrong. Pick subtle colors that can soothe and calm. Faint yellows, warm blues, and cooling greys are an excellent place to start. For pediatricians, avoid outdated murals, and instead think of photographs, graphics, and paintings that can transport your young patients to far-off lands of princesses or fairies! Just updates your practice’s walls? Show it off on your social media with a respectfully tasteful post about your newest additions. If applicable, invite local artists to display their work on your walls and give back to the community of people who trust their health in your hands.

Update #2 Update your online presence.

Does your social mediawebsite, and online presence portray the right message? If you look at your website and cringe, get scared, or don’t understand what is offered, you are doing something wrong. People are already scared of your office. Ease their tension by updating your website today. Need help? Contact The Dillon Ross Group today! Let’s collaborate. A live chat option that your front desk monitors may be an excellent addition to your website. Answer questions before they even get there! If your office requires certain types of documentation, have that list easily accessible before the consumer even arrives. Avoid an outdated “Directions to Our Office'' link, and make your address available and easy to understand. Additionally, have pictures of the friendly faces that await consumers who are trusting you with their care. It will make a huge difference.

Update #3 Customer opinion rules.

When consumers decide to come to your practice, they are trusting you. When they leave, they will have an opinion and voice it. Anonymous testimonials, on your webpage or social media, can be very beneficial when marketing your practice. Show your appreciation to your customers by showing their opinions off. In 2020, consumers don’t write reviews because they feel like it—they write them because they mean what they say. Word-of-mouth and digital marketing are running neck-in-neck for the most valuable marketing strategy of all time. Why not integrate them? Ensure your customer's anonymity and see what they really have to say. You can learn about your team, consumer, and what you can do better.

If you need an extra push for your medical practice, and you need a team of knowledgeable, well-versed writers, dreamers, marketers, and communicators, check out our team at The Dillon Ross Group today!


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