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Why SEO Marketing Is So Valuable To Your Business

Each month, there are more than 100 billion searches performed on Google alone.

That's a billion reasons to ensure your business is utilizing search engine optimization (or SEO). In fact, out of all the marketing approaches out there, SEO may be the most intelligent and most cost-effective. By the end of this year, companies will spend the majority of their marketing budgets on SEO and PPC (pay-per-click ads), and for a good reason. Google is where you attain the most value at the lowest cost. Search engines bring traffic, leads and real business.

There are rhyme and reason for every marketing channels and strategies. Maybe email is the most reliable way to promote a special offer, or Twitter is the best way to perform an online contest. However, search engines have demonstrated to be very successful at producing long-term, ongoing value at a little cost. The businesses that neglect to invest in SEO leave business opportunities on the table. 

SEO creates more leads than most marketing channels, at a portion of the price. After all, 81% of buyers perform online searches before making large purchases. While it's a great thing for an eCommerce company, service provider or larger brand to be on social media, television & radio, it's a great thing for them to be on Google. 

Great SEO Results = Authentic Business

Various businesses put all their marketing eggs in one basket. Many firms will initially test the waters with Google AdWords, and sure, AdWords is a fast way to achieve some exposure. Nevertheless, it is true that organic SEO campaigns are a more affordable alternative, have higher conversion rates and present many longer-lasting outcomes. For example, if you cancel Google AdWords, what do you believe will happen? All of your websites, exposure or traffic, will end immediately.

In contrast, when The Dillon Ross Group ranks you organically, several of these rankings will remain for months or even years. Also, on average, only 6% of people click on paid search engine results, as opposed to 94% for organic search engine results.

The brightest choice for your marketing dollars should be obvious.

A consumer scrolling through their Instagram feed or watching their desired TV show is not as anticipated to turn into a lead as a person Googling your product or service offered. The owner of an electronics store that sells high-definition televisions, for example, will get many more qualified leads if their website ranks on Google for the keyword "buy HD TV" versus if their Facebook page has many Likes. 

SEO converts amazingly well contrasted to most marketing channels. It's not that Google produces leads, but those leads also convert at an above-average rate. On average, companies see a new 20% conversion rate from organic traffic, with 70%+ of marketers proclaiming exceptional or good ROI from SEO in 2015. This statistic proves it's accuracy, even more, when you look at mobile searches. SEO conversion rates on mobile devices increased by 29% during the past year alone. 

Are these statistics shocking, however? When a person types a search into Google or Bing, they express their "user intent." If you know what the intent of a user is, you can create website content to match it exactly. Understanding "user intent" is a compelling notion for marketers! Consider the following scenario — a mother is organizing a family vacation but has yet to pick a destination. She utilizes Google to do everything from research to reserving the trip. A travel company can create SEO website content that promotes family vacation destinations, as well as cheap airfare and hotels and be there for each part of her journey.

SEO supports all of your marketing efforts, both on and offline. The best method to increase the number of qualified leads for your business is to use many marketing channels, not just one. A mattress firm, for instance, may advertise their winter sale on Facebook and send it to their email subscribers during the month of December, in addition to ranking on Google for keywords like "affordable queen mattress" year-round. Another instance would be a local barbershop using a combination of organic SEO and paid search to show up in top positions for as many relevant keywords as attainable.

Creating, executing, and evolving an SEO strategy takes patience, discipline, and experience, but as you can see, the rewards speak for themselves. The Dillon Ross Group offers SEO services that will not only improve your Google rankings but help your bottom line.

Our team of SEO strategists at The Dillon Ross Group are primed and ready to deliver an SEO strategy to help get you to the top of SERP. Contact us today to learn more about how DRG can help you achieve your marketing goals.


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