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Why 2020 Can Be The Year Your Business Takes Off

Each year, around this time, it's common to hear people talk about how this is the year they're going to accomplish everything. That's great and all, but realistically, aren't they the ones usually saying the same things every year? Presumably. When speaking in terms of marketing, there's so much that can be accomplished in one year. Whether it be building your brand's identity for your new business or redesigning your companies website to be able to convert more leads, accomplishing marketing or branding tasks can be what separate your business from its competition. 

This new years eve, we don't just begin a new year, but a new decade as well. In recent years, we have seen advances take place in the marketing industry that 15 years ago would've been seen as impossible, but that's the beauty of technology - it's always developing.

After thinking about what kinds of things businesses can do to make 2020 their year, this is what we put together: 

1. Perfect Your Brand Identity

A brand identity is much more than only a logo. A brand identity is defined as "the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds.". As we being the new year/decade, ask yourself if your brand is aligned, non-confusing, and if people can connect to it. If you answered no to any of that, figure out what's missing, what has to be fixed, and how you can correct it. 

2. Have a Great Performing Website

The reality is is that most of your competition will have websites. Now, if they'll have websites that are well designed, properly optimized for mobile, and rooted in SEO's best practices, that's a completely different story. If your website doesn't help you generate leads, what is it doing for you? Yeah, it's a part of your brand's identity, but it should also be used to help deliver new business. If it's not doing that for you, let's locate the reason and fix that, as we begin 2020. 

3. Create Content That Sells

Social media is one of those things that everybody thinks they understand. *Disclosure: they don't.* You'll hear from people that the more content you put out, the better, and while this has some truth to it, it's not entirely true. As opposed to posting to post, we strongly believe in posting with purpose. A few of the questions we ask our clients are, "What do you wish to gain from social media? Is it exposure, developing a presence, generating web traffic, or something else?" Knowing the answer to these kinds of questions allows you to understand the type of content you need to create and the kinds of copy that goes along with it. As we approach the new year, decipher what your goals are from social media, and create high-quality content that can help you attain them. 

4. Define & Outline Your Goals

Owning a business is no easy task, and sometimes business owners get caught up in things they shouldn't, but at the time need to. An important thing to remember is that your business thrives on vision and mission. Two questions to answer: what are we doing and why are we doing it? Once you can answer those, create clearly-defined goals that employees can rely on. When creating marketing-specific goals, it's essential to also keep in mind what your budget is, what you truly look to attain, and how you intend on doing so. When you have these laid out correctly, you'll find that attacking them is a whole lot easier. 

With 2020 approaching, there is an opportunity to begin or start over. If you or your business needs help to answer marketing, web design, or branding related questions, let us help you. We have experience in working with small to medium-sized companies to outline and attain their goals through a carefully budgeted, strategic approach. 


We can be contacted at, on our website at, or by phone at (917)-397-1655. 

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