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What To Look For In A Free SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps one of the most important things to make your online platform more visible to the audience. Since almost every business has shifted online, you need to follow through with the basics of SEO.

But to make sure that your business is SEO-friendly, you need to take a couple of steps to figure out how to work on it. Making use of SEO analysis should be your top priority when it comes to this. There is a multitude of free SEO analysis tools available to you, so you can quickly figure out where your platform stands when it comes to its optimization.

Why is an SEO Analysis Important?

Before we get started with what you should look for in a free SEO analysis, let's understand why it is crucial in the first place. Essentially, an SEO analysis helps you track a variety of necessary things for growing your business.

Doing so will help ensure that you drive more traffic to your platform, rank better in search engines, create better and engaging content, attract more visitors, and so much more.

Missing out on an SEO analysis shouldn't be the case. You should always make sure that you're running your platform through an SEO analysis to ensure that you're getting all the relevant feedback to understand how you can improve your platform.

Failing to do this simple task can put your business in the backfoot. Learn how to overcome the competition and rank better by optimizing your platform on search engines. The more visible you are, the better it will be for your customer engagement, conversions, and sales.

What Should You Look For in an Free SEO Analysis?

So, now that you know what a free SEO analysis does for you, you need to know how to find the right one for your business. While there is a multitude of online free SEO analysis available, you want to ensure that you're making use of the most effective one.

Here, you will understand how to make sure that you're making use of the right platform. Take a look at what you should look for in free SEO analysis.

URLs and Meta Description Check

This one is the most basic check that will help you figure out whether the URLs in place and your meta description is useful for searches or not. You will find that there is a particular set of characters that your meta description should be of. Anything larger or smaller than that will give you lousy SEO. So, you want to make sure that you're checking this with an SEO analysis.

If a free SEO analysis doesn't offer this, then they're probably not going to provide you with much else either. This is perhaps the most essential part of SEO analysis. So, make sure that this is covered in the platform that you choose for the analysis.

Keyword Density Check

Keywords are highly essential for SEO. Without them, you will find that you might not rank as high as you want them to. It is critical to your keyword research beforehand and then applies it to your content.

A free SEO analysis should allow you to set keywords that you have added to your content and check how much density they have. You will get to know whether you have under or overused your keywords, and then you can make adjustments accordingly. You want to make sure that you're within range regarding the keyword density for SEO purposes. And your SEO analysis can help you figure this out.

Analysis Of Titles and Headings

Your titles and headings should also incorporate keywords or phrases relevant to the keywords. An SEO analysis will tell you how to improve your title and headings. Whether they are long, too short, not optimized with keywords, and many other things, you will get to know the details you can quickly fix through the SEO analysis.

Check For Internal Links

Now, another thing that you will have to add to your content is internal links. These are links within your platforms that you add to your content. It helps take people to relevant pages within your business platform. Having these is important, and your SEO analysis will help you figure out whether you have these in place of not.

Typically, the analysis will give you a list of all the right things and things that are missing or not SEO-friendly. Internal links will be included in this, and you will have to fix them up.

Image Audit

Images tend to have much value when creating online content for your platform. Without any visuals, your platform will surely rank lower than others. Why is this so? Well, visuals appeal to the visitors and help them understand your brand better.

Your free SEO analysis will help you figure out whether your image's alt text and titles are present or not. Moreover, this will also help you figure out whether your content is SEO-friendly or not.

Page Speed

Another thing that'll give you a better insight through the SEO analysis is the page speed. You want to ensure that your platform doesn't take too long to open up, and potential customers might lose interest very soon.

The SEO analysis will help you figure out whether your page's speed is optimal or not. If it isn't, then you will get prompted about how your site isn't SEO-friendly.

Spam Check

Another thing that you need from your SEO analysis is to check for spam. You don't want bad links being directed towards you or have duplicate content on your site. Through a free SEO analysis, you can ensure that you overcome these issues, break all these bad links, and work on improving your SEO.

Now, it might be challenging to find the optimal free SEO analysis for your business. So, if you're in search of one, then head over here to get the best analysis for your online platform. It's simple to use, and you will surely make significant progress in SEO with it.


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