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What Happens to Businesses That Don’t Learn How to Create Video Ads for Social Media?

Video couldn’t be more essential of a tool for businesses to harness in today’s competitive digital advertising market. Statistics show that the average viewer spends 16 hours watching online videos weekly. The trend is steadily building momentum since the projection forecasted two years earlier was 52 percent less. Brands that fail to transition suffer substantial losses because of meager sales and low conversions. A company or enterprise can use this medium in different ways, for instance, introducing new brand features, services, and products.

With the many online video production platforms existing today, such as:, it has never been easier or more affordable to make a video for marketing, branding or advertising your company.

Modern Digital Marketing and Why It Is Crucial to Learn How to Create Product Videos

The role of video production as a component of online marketing is highly variable. It can complement various forms of digital advertising tactics because of its adaptive nature. One of its most successful marriages is with social media.

Many digital marketers deliberately and thoughtfully combine both to generate the highest performing social impact. According to a recent survey, marketers who embrace the video marketing trend record 49 percent more growth than their non-video counterparts.

Nowadays, adding video to support content marketing aimed at affecting SEO can be rewarding too. Not even long-standing favorites like infographics, email marketing, and blogging can measure up to the performance of video content advertising. One widely practiced concept is embedding videos throughout sections of a blog.

In a digitally forward society, where interest in reading text is declining, a video enhances the viewer’s experience. Google also rewards proper usage of video-supported content with a higher SEO ranking, according to Peter Roesler.

How to Create Video Ads for Social Media Without Paying Too Much

With the popularity of video content and the intrinsic value it holds, costs to produce them have skyrocketed. However, advertisers have found cost-cutting alternatives such as using animated After Effects templates.

The cost to animate premade templates for video is considerably reasonable compared to what a social media video production company in the USA charges. Moreover, anyone can do it, even someone with no video production skills. There are different ways to customize these templates: using an online video maker or software.

Small businesses, freelancers, internet marketers, and influencers are the most frequent practitioners of this format. Besides learning how to make a product advertisement video in minutes, businesses can also address productivity challenges.

What Is the Purpose of Creating Social Media Video Ads?

There is nothing complex about advertising a business on social media if one knows how to do it effectively. What does this act proffer in the end? Effective social media marketing through video content strategy helps brands build trust, raise awareness, increase viewer engagement, affect emotional response and boost shares.

Knowing where to post and which platform will be an ideal venue for brand marketing is an essential requirement. Videos that perform well on a particular social media stage might do poorly elsewhere. It doesn’t mean that it is not quality content, perhaps not appealing to the demographic targeted.

One critical step to avoid this failure is to optimize videos for the specific target channel. Also, take care to choose the correct presentation format, for example, explainer, slideshow, intro/outro, and so forth. The next topic will explain how to create a business advertisement for different social media channels in the correct video format.

Top Social Media Channels and How to Make Video Ads for Them

Here are the top three social media platforms that help businesses grow their audience and increase brand recognition. Shared videos on any of these platforms can be beneficial to any company if promoted correctly.

1. Find Out How to Make a Good Advertising Video for YouTube That Scales Business Growth

Think conservative when creating video content for this medium because it is more of a learning environment. Brands promoting products and services on this platform can create long-form videos. These are fast becoming a trend among business professionals looking to present added value and increase engagement with their target audience.

Short segments like an intro/outro trailer also play a principal role in boosting conversion rates. The audience that YouTube attracts spends more time interacting with videos than industry rivals like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Facebook Advertising and How to Create an Animated Ad That Converts Followers

Many business owners rely on a social media video production company in the USA to make storyboards for them. However, ready-made After Effects templates are quickly becoming mainstream because of the value it brings.

The platform is perfect for newsfeed-centric style videos. Native videos on Facebook account for a significant percentage of all interactions. Emotionally charged storyboard-style posts that are equally engaging and useful thrive on this channel. Short posts, preferably 20 seconds, or less are highly consumable.

Competition for attention here is aggressive because the feed keeps running. Consider reducing long-form videos to intro variants that feature entertaining highlights. Catchy subheadings can help videos get noticed since promotional storyboards often run without audio. And, don’t forget to add a CTA. Plus, Facebook has a button dedicated to viewers who want to extend their watch session. Focus on answering burning questions correctly, stimulating emotional connection, and offering a solution through action.

3. Learn How to Create Picture Ads That Blow up on Instagram

The audience on Instagram craves entertainment. Advertisers here have the freedom to be as authentic as possible. One can say the informal atmosphere sets the mood for it. Top-performing videos on this platform exude humor, creativity, and wit. Of the three, this medium imposes fewer restrictions.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram videos run without audio too. Therefore, subtitles are essential as they bait viewers to watch more. Take care to make the visual highlights count and entice subscribers with exclusive tours. The tour can share fascinating things about the company’s corporate culture, activities, production process, or even showcase philanthropic endeavors. Also, educate people about how the services, products, or offer can improve their lives.


Find out how an animated After Effects template can automate video production for social media advertising. Here are some of the newest templates for quick YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram video production.


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