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What One-Page Layout Means for Your SE

An up and coming trend in web design has been one-page layouts. A one-page web layout has everything on one page, as opposed to having multiple different pages on the website. It has become a trend for companies to design because it displays a sleek aesthetic. While some might think it's elegant in design, does it help a company's SEO? Let's take a look at some of the pros, cons, and facts about one-page layouts!

The one-page layout is straightforward. It is everything you want on only one page. All you have to do is scroll down to reach what you're looking for on the website. Recent articles show that it may be more accessible to navigate on your mobile phone. When converting to your smartphone from Mac or PC, it's easier to optimize a one-page layout for the phone. Besides, it provides a faster experience for users on their smartphones (Heitzman, Single Page Websites: Are They Good or Bad for SEO).

In terms of using keywords for SEO, most of the time, distributing them on a single-page layout is challenging. Not being able to spread your keywords negatively affects your SEO score. If your business targets a specific audience, then single-page designs might work in your favor (only if you're using one keyword to attract them). Otherwise, a marketing agency, for example, would not excel under those conditions. They would need multiple pages for the abundance of keywords they use and would need to distribute across their websites. Multiple page layouts help with a higher SEO ranking.

Single page layouts lack progressive strategies for SEO. Some sophisticated approaches to SEO that would make it hard for individual page usage would be siloing, blogging, and generating backlinks (Heitzman, Single Page Websites: Are They Good or Bad for SEO).

There's no question about it that it is becoming the future of web design, but are the drawbacks worth it?

Here is an image that we created that lays out the importance of quality web design for your business:

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