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#AmIDoingThisRight: Understanding Hashtags to Use Them to Your Advantage

Hashtags are viewed and used on most, if not all, platforms of social media. People and businesses publish content with a caption and then add hashtags in their posts. Even at the Dillon Ross Group, we use specific hashtags on social media that describe us as a marketing and branding agency in Tampa and New York City. But, have you ever wondered what the heck they do or why people use them? Well, I thought about that recently and did a little research on the power behind a #hashtag

According to Charlotte Chipperfield, a content creator for Digital Doughnut, hashtags serve the purpose of connecting ideas and people to each other. When discussing something on social media, people use a hashtag that relates to their content or topic. For example, an Italian Restaurant in New York City will use hashtags that are related to Italian food & their location (NYC). Combining the two should help people who want Italian food and are in NYC. People do use hashtags for social media marketing and fun. When I searched under "tags" on Instagram for marketing, and then food, the following results came up. 

Each social media platform has different ways of using hashtags (Chipperfield). Facebook has its unique style and algorithm of using hashtags (which means Instagram does too!). It is essential to look at trends to get noticed. On Twitter, there is an option to see trending hashtags. It shows what the majority of people are talking about, and allows you to get in on the conversations. You can even search a hashtag on all social media platforms and see public profiles that are discussing that particular topic.

Hashtags have found a way to make joining conversations easier and help consumers stay up-to-date with trends. They are also a fun way to connect with people worldwide and share similar interests.

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