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New Google Algorithm BERT

Digital marketing is on the rise during recent years. With its result affecting the sales of products and services, businesses have adopted digital marketing in their operations. Different people on search engines are searching for daily unlimited queries. Since SEO marketing has taken the significant chunk of digital marketing, it’s essential to bring in relevant changes into it. To understand the update first, we need to understand what SEO is.

What Is SEO?

You might have searched many queries through Google. Whenever you type in a question, a list of links appears on the screen. The search engine looks for all the content that is available on the internet. If your content is relevant to the query that the user has put in the search engine, then it brings your website to a higher rank in the search. Many businesses have used this technique as it has brought much unpaid traffic to their content, helping their overall sales.

So, What Is BERT?

The term BERT refers to Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. The name appears to be pretty complicated. In easier words, Google did this so that it can better evaluate the natural language. As we told earlier that Google brings you the relevant results through the query you placed, this update would increase precision. E.g. you heard of a new weight loss machine from one of your friends. Since you are not sure about the exact spelling of that machine, you wrote it the way you understood. With the update, the understanding of the language would be much better, and then Google can redirect you to the desired machine you are looking for, even if you didn’t know its spelling.


What BERT brings to the table?

Initially, some algorithms would bring you websites or links that were dependent on each word of the searched sentence. BERT has been a significant update to this. BERT forms a relation between all words in a sentence to analyze better what the user is searching for. It will help to understand the context of your query. It will increase the accuracy and would help Google to bring in more accurate results. It allows Google to know why the search has been done, so it doesn’t present you unwanted effects. Before this, the system would pick up a word from your search and display the results accordingly. For example, a user wrote “best holiday meals in the US’. The system would pick the word holiday and would bring you holiday spots in the US due to that selected keyword. This would bring unwanted results to the user. With BERT, the search engine would know what exactly the user wants.  


Content marketing is beneficial for businesses since it helps them to bring in unpaid traffic. Marketing and branding agencies can assist you with this. The Dillon Ross Group is a marketing and branding agency in NY/NJ, which supports you to give a digital dimension to your brand. As digital marketing is the need of the hour, the sooner you use it in your operations, the better it is for your business.


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