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Marketing Your Law Firm: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

Like any other business, a law firm needs new business from clients to increase their revenue and scale their firm. Marketing a law firm is not any different from marketing any other company and is based on similar marketing principles and strategies. As the world has become digitalized, it has become imperative to establish a robust digital presence for your law firm to attract new clients and to make them believe that your firm is the best among the others that are out there in the market. Hence, like any other business, law firms need to fight off the competition by establishing itself actively in the digital environment. But how can this be done effectively & efficiently?

In this article, we will look at how you can position yourself firmly in the hearts of your potential clients.

What Should Be Done?

More than likely, your target audience spends most of its time, around eight hours a day, online. With that being said, it's imperative that you are available to be found online.


Create a website for your law firm and make sure it's unique in design and that it's informative as well. Previously, when people needed to find something, they used to go to the yellow pages, but, as the world became more digitalized, people prefer to use Google and other online search engines to look for law firms in their local area. Therefore, having a website for your law firm can be your most significant and greatest marketing asset. It is essential to make sure you invest properly in your website and make it up to date, precise, and an informative website that is also mobile-friendly at the same time. It is also vital to make sure your website is appealing to attract clients and gets them to convert.


Investing in SEO is also very important as it helps your potential clients find your websites on search engines. Having an SEO team that works to make good quality content, backlinks, and strategies to increase your law firm's presence on the internet can help you get an edge over your competitors.

SMM, Email, & PPC:

You may also invest in social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC (pay per click) advertising to further increase the traffic your site gets and establish yourself solidly in your clients' minds. PPC for lawyers' search terms can be a bit costly, but as you can imagine, what you'd pay for in the lead is marginal compared to the client's value.


Recruit great quality lawyers for your firm. A law firm's success depends on the skill level and network of the lawyers it possesses. Therefore, it is crucial to hire the right people in your firm. Utilizing tools like Indeed is a great way to increase your firm's exposure via a direct channel and can help bring in sharp, knowledgable attorneys with personal networks.

While these are some of the most important things you must do while marketing your law firm, there are numerous things that you must avoid doing while marketing your firm. You can't afford to be writing 'average' content on your website, having a casual attitude towards website development, and building a website as per your taste and not your clients.

If you're an attorney or an enterprise-level law firm in need of a reliable digital marketing partner, contact The Dillon Ross Group to help you achieve your marketing goals.


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