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Increase Sales This Valentine's Day With These Tips

If you own a restaurant, you are probably equally dreading and looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Dozens of orders of dozens of roses and chocolate; cakes, cupcakes, and kisses are flying around your head and restaurant. There’s a lot to think about; but, think about how you can utilize Valentine’s Day as a perfect day to increase sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity like none other—the unofficial day of only love and dates.

First, start by decking the halls (oops, wrong holiday) with Valentine’s Day decor. Yes, deck the halls (sorry again), but don’t go overboard. Think deep reds and maroons, hearts, chocolate browns, and bright lights. Real flowers, roses, in particular, can launch any bland background to a new level. Tonight, ditch the LED candles in favor of real candles. Something about the real flame gets the fire burning. Look around on social media for table setting ideas and food designs. This is your day to make a romantic impression.

Second, switch up the menu. For Valentine’s Day, the menu should awaken and entice your consumer. If they open your menu to the same black and cream page, they will be bored, uninterested, and upset they didn't choose somewhere else. Pick a few specialty, elegant entrées and desserts and offer those. Maybe even wrap the menu in a red ribbon. The menu is your consumer’s gift to themselves (and their significant other), and a gift to your bank account. (Pro tip: make sure there is nothing on the table that isn't needed. Nothing worse than a consumer reaching over to hold the hand of their date and knocking over a platter of olive oil).

Treat this Valentine’s Day as a sort of Black Friday. If you offer the consumers what they want, they’ll pay. Make your menu, entrées, and drinks something worth paying for.

We get it, you may not always offer bottle service, but try it out on the 14th. A white glove, elegant can of ice, and some beautiful glasses can go the extra mile. Valentine’s Day is full of special people celebrating their special day. If you match their specialness, you can increase your restaurant's sales.

Have a good time this Valentine’s Day. Consumers who hit it off at your restaurant can be coming back every year to celebrate that first Valentine’s Day together. Pull out all the stops and glam it up this year. If you need any inspiration, contact The Dillon Ross Group, and we will blend up a plan for you to continually increase your sales, the 14th and beyond.


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