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How to Incorporate Retargeting In Your Marketing Strategy

Does retargeting really marketing work? Yes!

So your business is not reaching the consumer base you want it to. You have a few ideas as to why you are not measuring up to your standards. You fix the issue and try more. However, you still aren't gaining much profit. It seems like it is time to retarget your brand. Think of retargeting like this: your presence on the web needs to be specific; you want to be shown to people who want to look at you. How do you do that? By retargeting your ads and ensuring consumers who want to see you can see you. 

Retargeting works by using an effective pixel and ad combination that lets no consumer feel forgotten. What makes an ad effective? Read these two points on creating an enticing retargeting marketing ad!


When attracting your consumers to come back to your site after a visit, you can utilize pixels to remind your consumers of your brand. Your ads will show up on affiliate sites that they will visit that host ads like any other similar website, Facebook, or other social media pages. You can use Google AdWords or FacebookAds to ensure your ad is getting to the appropriate consumers. By using a pixel correctly, you are bringing back customers that have once shown interest but moved on from your site. 

Well-Designed Ads:

Your ad needs to be attractive and enticing. Yes, your pixel with Facebook or Google AdWords is helpful, but they only do half the work. Your ad needs to be sharp, effective, interesting, and, most importantly, click-worthy. What makes an ad click-worthy? Its value! Why should your consumer come back to your site? You need to convince your consumer that you are worth the click. Use photos to show examples of what you offer and what initially interested them. 

We know that most people who visit your site won’t engage by buying or utilizing a service. But, with the help of retargeting (when done right), you can be right there when the consumer needs a product or service. 

Retargeting works and we would love to help with your retargeting strategy! The Dillon Ross Group is here for your digital marketing needs. We know what it takes to retarget; there is so much to learn. Let’s work together and see what ads we can create for the most profit. 


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