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How Social Media Has Enabled People to Assist in Relief Efforts

Social media is the most prevalent type of mass media we use in modern society. We can do almost anything on social media; we can share, create, and react to content, as well as buy and sell items. For many millennials, they discover current events through social media, as opposed to watching or reading the news. It's no surprise to say that most relief efforts have been promoted through social media, and continue to be.

As talked about in previous blog posts, engagement on social media is essential for SEO but also your business in general. The same concept applies to charity and relief efforts. For example, Florida has just gotten out of their prime hurricane season. Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas late August and destroyed a majority of the island. People started posting on social media photos of the damages, which have racked up to be 7 billion US dollars, according to Maggie Fitzgerald from CNBC, and it attracted international attention. Relief efforts took to social media in anticipation of gathering as much money to help the Bahamas, including the rest of the Caribbean.   

It is because of social media that we were able to help the Bahamas, as well as other international crises. The more people who see these posts, the more likeliness there is that people will engage and act. Social media has given relief efforts the ability to work smarter, not harder, to reach their donation goals.

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