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Everything You Need To Know About PLR E-Books

Stumbled upon PLR ebooks, but not sure what they are and what you can do with them? In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about PLR ebooks:

What Are PLR Ebooks?

PLR ebooks are essentially ebooks with Private Label Rights. Those rights allow us to do almost anything we want with the ebook. You can freely modify, rebrand, resell, or give it away for free. Also, you can claim your full authorship of a PLR ebook, combine it with other products, or convert it into different formats of content, such as video or audio.

Apart from PLR ebooks, there also can be PLR articles, videos, audios, scripts, software, plugins, and other products.

Private Label Rights allow us to save tons of time and money as we do not have to create these products from scratch.

How To Use PLR Ebooks?

There are many ways how you can use PLR ebooks effectively, and those are the most popular ones:


The most popular way of using PLR ebooks is using them as a lead magnet. The lead magnet is something that marketers use to grow their email list. If you own a website or a blog that constantly gets visitors, you can start growing your email list with PLR ebooks.

You can pop an opt-in form on your website or blog, present a PLR ebook relevant to your audience, and ask your visitors to put their email addresses if they want to receive a free book.

People love free stuff, and by offering something for free, you increase your chances of getting some new subscribers.


Reselling ebooks can be a fantastic business that can generate a ton of passive income. Either you can resell PLR ebooks individually, or you can combine them with other products, such as videos, and sell them in the form of a course or package.

Once you have your favorite PLR ebooks or product packs that you want to sell, you can either sell them on your websites or an ebook marketplace, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more...

We recommend that you apply both methods because by that you will maximize your chances of sales. Also, selling digital products from a self-hosted platform will allow you to keep 100% of the profits, so it's always best that you list your products on your website at least.


Apart from giving PLR ebooks away for free or selling them for a profit, you can also use PLR ebooks for content creation.

Repurposing means changing the format of your ebook so that you can feed your audience with great content. There are many things you can do from a single ebook, and those include:

  • Creating articles from it

  • Converting into videos

  • Converting into podcast

Today, we have many tools online that can help with unique articles, videos, or audio creation. Once you create the other forms of content from an ebook, you can use this content on your blog, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms.

Before you use PLR Ebooks:

Before you use an ebook or any other PLR product, it's crucial that you rebrand it and change it into a unique product. It's because everyone can access PLR products, and probably you won't find a product that has never been used by someone before.

Duplicate content does not add any value to the web and overall market. Therefore we as professional marketers and online business owners should always focus on providing something unique.

If you want to use PLR ebooks for articles on your blog, or content on YouTube, we must turn the content into unique; otherwise, Google or YouTube may penalize our properties.

Also, adding our touch to the PLR products will increase our brand's authenticity and generally add value to the product.

Here are the best ways how you can rebrand and turn PLR ebooks into unique ones:

  • Change the cover

  • Add your logo

  • Edit the contents

  • Remove what's unnecessary

  • Add valuable information

Where To Find Best PLR Ebooks?

There are many websites where you can find high-quality PLR ebooks, but the best option is to look for PLR membership sites. It's because these sites operate on a subscription basis, meaning you will get unlimited access to all products for your subscription time.

Whereas, if you go for PLR product stores, you will have to pay for every single download you make, which may cost you a lot in the long run.

If you can't afford premium PLR products, there are also great alternatives to find good quality PLR ebooks for free.


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