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5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Trade Shows

In the world we live in today, most marketing takes place digitally and tends to be more robotic rather than personal. Elevate your business to the next level by attending and displaying your business at trade shows. In-person interaction can be a powerful experience to help grow your ROI – it is an entirely different ball game that allows you to speak directly with key industry players and end-users. You’ll gain insightful information in real-time and learn about how people perceive your product or service. It is essential for the business exposure you deserve, whether product display, building up trust, promoting your brand, growing your network, or generating leads – trade shows will cover it all.

1. Highlight your Products

You could be missing a piece of the pie when your products are not effectively displayed as well as they could be; with trade shows, you get to be creative with your custom booth, built specifically to enhance the impression of how people view your products. It could be creating unique display units that purposefully highlight the core aspects of your product, or perhaps you have a specific message you’d like to convey to your customers that sets you apart from others. Trade shows are a great platform that helps you gauge whether the market is ready for your product.

2. Build-up Trust

Having a presence at trade shows helps you build trust as a business, especially if you are a start-up and looking to expand. Rather than looking through your website (then easily getting distracted with other things), customers had the opportunity to see you in person. They can ask you their burning questions so they can establish that trust with you and have peace of mind that your business is indeed what they hoped it to be. You may create this personal connection with customers, which you can not achieve via digital marketing.

3. Promote Your Brand

Brand image is critical to any business, and trade shows provide one of the best platforms for you to do this. It is a unique experience where clients get to physically enter a zone (your booth) that is hand-crafted to how you intentionally want your brand to be viewed. A custom booth will allow you to integrate your brand colors fully, essential brand messaging, and your product/service into one consolidated booth. Clients will notice this and have no choice but to approach your booth to find out more – it’s a great first impression for anyone that has not seen your company before, so if it’s your first event, make it count.

4. Grow your Network

Trade shows are where like-minded professionals in the same industry congregate and network to find out what everyone is up to and potentially form partnerships to grow each other’s business. Rather than take half a day to travel to a company of interest, why not participate and speak with them at the same event? It is an excellent opportunity to see other emerging businesses, ones you probably haven’t even heard of, and connect with them to see where it can take you. Some trade shows also attract international exhibitors, so it conveniently also gives you a chance to contact them. It is worth noting that trade shows only last a few days. Therefore you should do your research ahead of time and find out who is exhibiting and make sure you allocate some time to introduce yourselves.

5. Generate Leads

Trade shows are compelling for generating leads because people are associated with the same or similar industry. A high ratio of these would be decision-makers or business owners – this means you’d be surrounded by a selected audience that can benefit from your business. Compared to investing in a digital advertisement, which can be a hit or miss, plus not having the chance to find out what the customer is looking for. The leads you gain at trade shows will tend to be more “quality” rather than quantity, which makes a considerable difference depending on how much those quality leads are willing to invest in your business.


In summary, trade shows are crucial to growing your business, and in-person interaction plays a key role. It could be the missing piece to your marketing strategy; as mentioned above, trade shows are great for highlighting your products, building up trust, promoting your brand, growing your network, and generating leads. Creating a memorable experience with your clients gives you a significant advantage. The next time they require a product or service like yours, then most likely experience with you at your event will jog their memory. And, when that time comes, you could be the first person they reach out to. The key to success in this area is to partner up with reliable exhibition stand builders and designers. Good luck at the show!


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