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No company's brand is whole without professional and unique photography and videography. Reduce the constant need for stock photos that you are bound to see somewhere else on the internet. Not only do these details add a sense of personalization to your website, social media, marketing collateral, and more, but they support separating you from your competition and even improve your conversion rate.


Modernized headshots, interior office photos, job site video, you name it, we'll capture it. The Dillon Ross Group offers many bundled deals for photography and videography, depending on your company's needs and the magnitude of the project. Check out the details below to see what best fits your project:

Photo Marketing

Photography is one of those elements that have to be completed with purpose, patience, and understanding. At The Dillon Ross Group, we have a team of highly skilled photographers. Additionally, we have compiled many photography packages that can help advance your brand's overall image and prevent you from using various stock images within your company branding. Photoshoots can be done anywhere within the Greater NYC area. Contact us for pricing details!

Video Marketing

Creating a video sounds straightforward, but, to create a video that has a well-detailed message is not. This misunderstanding is where The Dillon Ross Group can help. With years of experience, we have built a winning strategy that allows us to deploy robust video marketing for our clients correctly. By 2020, 80% of web traffic will be video. Let us help to create, optimize, and employ video advertising for your business. 

Photo & Video Marketing Agency NY_NJ

Is your business in need of new photography or videography? The Dillon Ross Group is a quick email or phone call apart from making that occur. We’d love to arrange an upcoming photoshoot with your team to help make your business stand out from your competition. 

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