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In the health and fitness industry, whether your brand is you, a service or a physical location, people need to see it. The health and fitness industry is saturated, and there are always motivated, new players fighting for their share of the public conversation. The competition level is high, and your brand needs a strategy to compete and rise to the top. The Dillon Ross Group can help with that. 


At The Dillon Ross Group, we know what people look for in the health and fitness industry: credibility and authenticity. Our specific marketing and branding strategies feature both digital marketing and branding methods to visualize your brand in ways that make people excited to discover more. Whether you’re looking to expand awareness, explore new aspects of your brand, or create new sales, we have the skills and the experience to help you flourish.

Our Services for Health & Fitness Include:

Typically, for health and fitness brands, we suggest a strategy that looks something like this:


Brand Identity: Brand identity helps you develop your public perception through a logo, website, social media platforms, stationery, and more. Let DRG help you create the perfect messaging, symbolism, and voice to bring the right consumers.


Campaign Creation: We strongly believe in possessing a big idea to support the base of your marketing strategy. So, creating a campaign to obtain an emotional relationship with your targeted audience is necessary. 


Website Design & Development: Your website should not only be visually appealing, but it should be highly functional, as well. It should load quickly, be optimized for mobile usage, and promptly advise your clients the knowledge and information they need. Here at The Dillon Ross Group, we take it further and can add things such as online ordering or online reservations into your website. We also have your site and products renewed for all seasons, sales, and special promotions. 


SEO: The way to landing on top of a Google search is search engine optimization (SEO). Without all the flowery language, it's a technique to optimize content using keywords and code to match Google's algorithm, ensuring you show up on top of the organic search results.


PPC: Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can better help you track your campaigns to see what works and what doesn't. If you don't like waiting to see the results, PPC is an excellent way for you to instill a new strategy to expand your presence in front of your target audience and increase overall web traffic.


Social Media: In today's world, having a robust social media presence is a must. An outstanding social media campaign can put your restaurants in front of a lot more people, as opposed to conventional methods alone. Not to mention, social media has a much lower cost per impression and higher ROI than traditional print advertising.

Email Marketing: If you're like more than half of the adult population, the first thing you check in the morning is presumably your email. Email conversion rates are 40x those of Facebook and Twitter. It's no surprise why businesses, especially restaurants, utilize email marketing campaigns to get directly in front of their target audience.


Traditional Marketing Strategy: Digital marketing may be flourishing, but we recognize the value of combining conventional methods like TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, magazine, and newspaper advertisements as well to help spread the word.

Creating a Fitness Marketing Campaign For an Influencer

With social media being viral in today's society, there has been a new profession popularized: influencer marketer. An influencer does just as it sounds, influencing consumers to buy a specific product or use a particular service. 


Our Client:

This client is a fitness and lifestyle influencer that has over fifty thousand followers on Instagram and thousands of followers on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 


Their Problem:

Before getting on board with The Dillon Ross Group, all this client had was social media accounts where they would browse for collaborative partnerships to help grow their channels. Being that they had an active social following, they needed to build their brand, create a universal message, and create authenticity. 


Our Strategy:

Our team met with this influencer to decipher what some of his goals were. Following our initial meeting, we created a complete brand identity and incorporated it into the website we developed for them as well. The purpose of the deliverables we created was to have a digital and traditional way of finding new collaboration leads. 


The Results:

We helped our client secure many new partnerships with both local and national companies, by allowing them to promote their newly establish identity actively on various forms of social media. By being able to send prospects to a beautiful, responsive website allows them to correlate credibility and authenticity to his brand.  

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