Email Marketing, To This Day, Is Still Relevant & Can Help Your Business Stand Out


People's first thoughts nowadays regarding email marketing might be that nobody uses it anymore, but truth be told, it is still a fantastic way of communicating with prospects, converting leads, and engaging with existing clients. One of the most important questions to ask when doing email marketing is, "how can you guarantee that your email efforts don't go to misuse by getting sorted to the spam folder?" There are many ways to ensure that this doesn't happen, but there are three things to keep in mind when devising an email marketing strategy: what you're sending, when you're sending it, and whether you're answering your potential client's top question – how does it benefit them?

There are different kinds of strategies involved when creating an email marketing plan. While some emails are sent with the intention of creating a sale, others are sent to keep your brand relevant and on the top of your client's minds. Email marketing is a great way of delivering your message directly to your prospects or existing clients' phones and keeping them involved with what your business is up to. Email marketing helps your business establish and maintain quality relationships with prospects and clients. Each email that you send could and should be inclusive of relevant information, links that point to a landing page design, and highly appealing graphics uniquely tailored to your brand. 

Firmly put, email marketing is one of the best ways to diversify and bring together all of your marketing efforts. Adding email marketing to your already integrated digital marketing strategy is a great way of making it even better and more sound. No matter how big or how small your business is, all businesses should have an email marketing strategy. Click here to join our email list!


Email Is Not Going Anywhere. Most people have an email address that they use daily and check to see if they have new mail. Email marketing has proven to be an even more effective way to reach clients than in social media outlets. Just because you post something to social media, does not promise that your clients or ideal prospects will see it. An email, though, will be directly sent to your client’s inbox.

You Can Personalize Them. It's human nature that we enjoy getting something that feels like a custom experience. If used correctly, email marketing can do that. One of the many features included with email marketing flows, you can send clients emails with special deals for their birthdays, anniversaries, and more. To ensure that your emails are not doing the opposite of what you want from them, you can give people the option to opt-out of any emails they are disinterested in receiving.

  • Graphics Tailored to Your Brand: You can't expect to send a text rich email and think that people will automatically love it. To ensure that you're not sending out boring, un-engaging emails, our design team will work on developing a custom, eye-catching template for your email list. There's no reason to send something dull that is sure to be deleted.

It’s Inexpensive. There are many forms of marketing (we offer most), but email marketing can save you money while still delivering incredible results. It is the one form of digital marketing that continuously proves its value year in and year out, while other marketing methods go in and out of style. Not to mention, it also has the highest ROI for the lowest average cost.

It's Trackable. Email marketing campaigns are designed with the ability to track all of your results, so you can custom tailor your next campaign based on the results of the previous campaign. Not only does this tell us how successful the content of your email was, but also what time of the day your targeted audience opened the email. Over time, we can remove inactive email accounts and the ones who want to unsubscribe, so that you're not labeled as spam to your existing and potential clients. 

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns:

1. Drip Email Campaigns – Drip email campaigns use automation to help businesses gain interested subscribers and to build up their email lists. Drip campaigns allow you to send out multiple emails at specific times and dates that you choose. When someone signs up for your email list, they'll continue to receive emails until the drip campaign ends. This is a great way to encourage users back to your website or to send personalized content, like happy birthday emails.

2. Trigger Series Campaigns – If a consumer purchases a product from your website, their level of excitement to receive it in the mail mounts. They're curious to know when their order will come and if the order was processed correctly. Trigger series can help with that! The role of a trigger series campaign is to notify users immediately based on the particular steps they took on your website. Trigger series email campaign builds trust and responsibility by keeping your clients advised.

3. Retargeting Campaigns – This campaign helps your company re-engage email subscribers who aren't as active with your website as they once were. In these campaigns, get creative and show off your brand in your message, because it could very much so be your last chance to entice these subscribers. It's a message or a special offer saying, "Hi there. We haven't seen you in a while. We miss you and hope you're okay".

The Dillon Ross Group has many years of experience in devising and managing email marketing for clients in various industries. We can generate a mailing list, create the graphics and copy, and track the results of each campaign. We understand what copy sells and doesn't. Trust us to get the job done. 

Businesses that fail to see the value of email marketing will fall behind those who take advantage of it. If you are interested in starting with email marketing or struggling with your current email marketing platform, contact us today, and let's get started!  

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