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Should Dentists Run Facebook Ads to Get New Patients?

As a medical entrepreneur would know, setting up and running a successful doctor's office depends on if you're able to generate sales for the clinic. Without a consistent stream of patients using the doctor's services, it can't become profitable practice.

Running a successful advertising campaign in the modern world is no longer expensive like ten years ago. Welcome to the age of digital marketing and social media! With emerging competition, the need to get a competitive edge over other competitors is now more critical than ever.

This has made many dentists move away from traditional advertisement methods like billboards, newspaper and TV ads, and even printing flyers.

There are several reasons for this, and among them are:

  1. Digital marketing is far less costly than traditional advert methods.

  2. It is more effective than traditional advertising.

  3. Diverse ads can now be made to be tailored to specific targets rather than one ad for a general populace.

As a result, dentists who use digital marketing can get ahead of the competition with those who still rely on the old marketing way.

A dentist's office can use many different digital marketing strategies, but this article will focus on Facebook Ads and how dentists can generate new leads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for dentists are a favorite choice among dentists and businesses to generate new leads on the social media platform quickly.

Facebook Ads allows businesses (Dentists in our case) to promote their products and services on platforms owned by the Facebook company.

To clarify, this means that when you advertise services through Facebook Ads, the ads will be visible across Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms. That is quite a reach!

You can ask for professional Facebook ads help; it's much better to find a marketing agency to handle your Facebook ads for dentists. Take your time in this process and ask the right questions. Don't let cost be the only decision-making factor. It's more important to find a service provider that fits like a glove with what you want.

The advantages that Facebook ads for dentists offer include:

  • The broad reach of the Facebook platform.

  • A natural look to the adverts.

  • Its targeting ability.

You can make a Facebook ad for dentists to look like an everyday Facebook or Instagram post.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads for Dentists

There are three set-up steps you need to take before you can advertise on Facebook:

  • A Facebook Landing page–your main page where clients can book appointments.

  • Open a Facebook Business page

  • Set up a Facebook Business Manager account.

Now that you have set these up, the next is to set up your campaign structure. This includes selecting your objectives (conversations, traffic, or just clicks), setting the demographics of your target audience, budgets, placement, and schedule of your adverts.

After these, you can now create your ads to be viewed by potential customers. You also get to edit the texts, images, and links on your landing page.

When you're satisfied with everything, your campaign can begin while you continue doing what you do best - running your business. If you've set the ads up correctly, you can watch an influx of new leads and inquiries come in!


Now with your knowledge of creating Facebook ads for dentists, you should take advantage of the massive opportunity that the Facebook platforms have on offer to get more patients and thereby grow your clinic.

If you're a dentist and need new patients and need a reliable marketing partner to help you, get in touch today!


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