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How to Get Rid of Poor Content Once and For All

Let's set the stage! Your website is the stage; your tabs and blogs are the actors and actresses. Your consumers are dressed up for the play. Let's deliver. 

Pull back the curtain and get to it. 

The last thing you want on your site is content that reads like blah, blah, blah, blah. And, sorry to say, so many websites that people encounter every day are lots of blah. However, there are digital marketing agencies like The Dillon Ross Group that have your back. When you want to get rid of boring content once and for all, you need to follow this rhyme: Less Leader More Theater

Less Leader

Less leader, put simply, translates to: “Don’t follow the leader.” If your content ideas come from websites or social media pages you browse haphazardly, you need to stop ASAP. When developing interesting and engaging content, you must be original. More importantly, be yourself. There are lots of times in life that following the leader is helpful, but good content is not one of them. Think of shiny, new, thought-provoking ideas for your content and ditch the leader today. It is time for your own content to make an appearance. 

More Theater

Just like theatre, there is freedom. When actors step on stage, they adopt the script and make it their own. The script in this content play is basics like grammar, wording, and templates. Step on the stage and show off. If you have a crazy photoshoot idea, do it! In 2020, consumers are craving new content that reads differently than ever before. If your website or social media content looks different than what you see, that can be a good thing. If you would not want to read or engage with your content, your consumers probably won't either. It is critical to be original and confident. Respect the work you have done thus far and reward yourself with great content that sings off the page. 

See you later, blah, blah, blah (is this 2010 Ke$ha?). It’s never too late to turn your content ideas around. The Dillon Ross Group is full of media and content junkies. We love the nitty-gritty of content creation. Hashtagskeywords, mining relevant data, that’s us! Let’s collaborate and take your content from the back of the pack to the stage! 


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