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Get Your Content to the Top of Every SERP With These 3 Tips

We have all read gripping, graphic, well-written articles, press releases, and websites. That excellent text is dependent on search engine optimization (SEO) to get the content read. However, as all the brands, voices, and companies in the USA and the world, vie for attention, it takes the perfect content at the right time to result in great SEO.

Great SEO does not happen on accident or overnight; you have to work for it.

To produce interactive, exciting SEO, it is critical that you consider what you are riding, whom you are writing for, and why you are the right brand to write. There are three main elements to take into consideration when aiming for more productive SEO. 

1. Well-written, socially thought-provoking SEO content

2. Reliable, safe information 

3. A reliable brand to stand behind the content

1. Well-written, socially thought-provoking SEO content is tough to write. It takes knowledge of the industry, years of practice, and an excellent foundational brand to branch from. Even copywriters, with years of experience, have to hone their techniques to create content that will be read, admired, and acted-upon. As the market shifts, content writers have to change with it. Think of the last exciting article you read. Was it stuff full of jargon, hard-to-read graphics, and interviews with people you have never heard of? Probably not. Google filters good SEO content, and only the best content ranks high enough for general consumers to read it. Many factors weigh into the reading judging of content, but good SEO practices are some of the most important. For content to be pushed to the top of the lists of content, it must be well-written, accurate, engaging, and, most importantly, relevant to the target industry. You wouldn't let a figure skater who is scared of horses write an article about the best ways to calf rope—you would ask a cowboy or cowgirl. In 2020, when the market is at an all-time high for SEO content competition, don’t trust the wrong people to write your content. If you need seasoned brand professionals to help produce your content, contact The Dillon Ross Group and let us transform your content. 

2. Reliable, safe information is critical for your content to get recognized. In the world of fake news, anonymous blogs writing as experts, and little regulation of content’s reliability, your content needs to be reliable for true search engine optimization (SEO). If you scroll through LinkedIn or Twitter, and you come across an article about a new technology release in your industry, you read it, assuming it’s true. Sadly, sometimes it's not. So, to be filtered to the top, write content that relates to industry breakthrough, leaders, and has truth in its roots. You want people to read one article, click to the next, and next--create a content rabbit hole that’s interesting with good content. 

3. A reliable brand and good SEO go hand in hand. If you are a new company or brand that has something to say, half the battle is getting your content seen. Large, reputable brands like the Big 4 accounting firms (PWCEYKPMGDeloitte) or the Big 3 consulting firms (McKinsey & CompanyBoston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company) never struggle to get their content seen. They have thousands of employees that lead their markets in their respective industries. However, as boutique firms pop up in niche markets, their voices are becoming equally as important. Don’t get drowned out with dull, unreliable content. If you have a strong brand, website to back it, and honed voice, produce as much content as you can. Check out The Dillon Ross Group's Blog and see what reliable content we produce for ourselves and can create for you. 

If you have something to say, say it. 

With The Dillon Ross Group’s help, your brand can become an expert at getting recognized with reliable SEO practices. 


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