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We recognize that an excellent reputation isn’t enough to bring your healthcare practice to the forefront of a patient’s mind. Your possible patients are on the internet, browsing for information, reading reviews, and investigating your staff.


Medical practices call The Dillon Ross Group due to antiquated websites and low recognition of their brands. One aim for a new website might be to emphasize the relatable and dependable feel presented by the practice’s doctors and staff. Another intention might be to build brand recognition for a new medical center. Other collective marketing efforts are pointed at making new client lists by generating recognition of their expertise and targeting demographics.

Our Services for the Medical Field Include:

Typically, for the medical field, we suggest a strategy that looks something like this:


Brand Identity: Brand identity helps you develop your public perception through a logo, website, social media platforms, stationery, and more. Let DRG help you create the perfect messaging, symbolism, and voice to bring the right consumers.


Campaign Creation: We strongly believe in possessing a big idea to support the base of your marketing strategy. So, creating a campaign to obtain an emotional relationship with your targeted audience is necessary. 


Website Design & Development: Your website should not only be visually appealing, but it should be highly functional, as well. It should load quickly, be optimized for mobile usage, and promptly advise your customers the knowledge and information they need. Here at The Dillon Ross Group, we take it further and can add things such as online ordering or online reservations into your website. We also have your site and products renewed for all seasons, sales, and special promotions. 


SEO: The way to landing on top of a Google search is search engine optimization (SEO). Without all the flowery language, it's a technique to optimize content using keywords and code to match Google's algorithm, ensuring you show up on top of the organic search results.


PPC: Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can better help you track your campaigns to see what works and what doesn't. If you don't like waiting to see the results, PPC is an excellent way for you to instill a new strategy to expand your presence in front of your target audience and increase new patient leads


Social Media: In today's world, having a robust social media presence is a must. An outstanding social media campaign can put your practice in front of a lot more people, as opposed to conventional methods alone. Not to mention, social media has a much lower cost per impression and higher ROI than traditional print advertising.

Email Marketing: If you're like more than half of the adult population, the first thing you check in the morning is presumably your email. Email conversion rates are 40x those of Facebook and Twitter. It's no surprise why businesses, especially doctors, utilize email marketing campaigns to get directly in front of their target audience.


Traditional Marketing Strategy: Digital marketing may be flourishing, but we recognize the value of combining conventional methods like TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, magazine, and newspaper advertisements as well to help spread the word.

Creating a Medical Marketing Campaign For Modern Day

A mixed marketing plan focused on bringing awareness to sports medicine. Medical marketing is more powerful than ever. With a concentrated market of doctors all trying to be the best, it is essential that you can reach potential clients while staying in touch with current ones. See how The Dillon Ross Group supported in the case study below.


The Client:

A recent graduate of medical school, starting their orthopedics practice, who wanted a way to generate new patients leads online. 


The Client Challenge:

The client had, being a recent graduate of medical school, had no framework or foundation. We had in-depth conversations with the client to ensure that we understood who their practice would be composed of, and how they wanted to be perceieved. 


Our Solution:

  • Crafted a full brand identity for their practice from head to toe.

  • Designed, developed and optimized a website that placed well on search engines. This included:

    • A mobile-friendly layout,

    • Keyword optimized content to boost rankings on search engine result pages (SEO) and make patients aware

    • Secure access to online patient resources

  • Begin a social media and PPC campaign focused on generating new patients


The Results:

Our branding and marketing efforts helped to improve new patient leads. The newly designed and optimized website, with increased speed and user-friendly design, was a significant factor in the campaign. The digital marketing efforts also made a considerable impact, with organic traffic mainly growing since launch.

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