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Do you have a logo for your company that explains what you do?

A complete brand contains a lot more than just a logo, but that doesn't suggest having a great logo isn't necessary. Your business's logo is a visible continuation of your brand. When a logo is designed correctly – with meaning and purpose, your logo can be the perfect facade for consumers to recognize and interact with your business. When consumers can identify your company from solely your logo, you realize you've done something right.


Your logo presents the assurance of excellence and value that your company has tried tirelessly to establish. Throughout time, consumers continuously learn to trust your company and everything that is associated with it. Your logo will be visible throughout your website, on social media, in print elements, in your office, on corporate vehicles, on package designs, and more – so make sure it's excellent!

At The Dillon Ross Group, we offer complete logo design and branding services to help solidify your brand's identity and modernize your branding efforts. 

Logo Updates

As a marketing and branding agency that designs logos, we also offer our clients logo updates. What this means is that we would take your existing logo and modernize it. We wouldn't change it, but update it to where it needs to be. Perhaps what you have is just a bit outdated, or maybe the colors only aren't fitting for your brand anymore. We'll make the needed adjustments to suit your latest branding strategy, and we'll even include a visual of your logo progression to showcase the transformation.

We're Ready

Logo design is typically the concluding step that draws your whole brand image together. After we help you examine every aspect of your brand thoroughly, our gifted graphic designers will combine fresh colors and compelling designs to bring your brand to life. Whether you are a new company that has yet to develop a logo or an existing one in need of something fresh, The Dillon Ross Group can do it. Contact us today to get started on your next logo!

Logo Design Process

Being located in NJ & NYC and offering a wide range of digital marketing, web design, and branding services, we are regularly approached and asked what our logo design process looks like. While there is no clear cut response because, in marketing, each client's needs and desires are always different, the framework is relatively similar. To begin the process of designing your logo, we have a bunch of questions that we ask, of which then help us form an idea of what kind of logo you are looking to create. Our creative marketing and branding team has worked on many different logo projects that have allowed us to be recognized as one of NJ and NYC's top digital marketing agencies.

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