construction cost consultants

Fourie Cost Consultants

Fourie Cost Consultants is a boutique cost consulting firm that consults builders on large-scale build-outs to identify areas in which they can save capital within their project. 

client challenge

The client already had their website designed before working with us. However, it was poorly optimized for SEO, and they did not rank for any specific keywords related to their industry.

dillon ross group solution

The Dillon Ross Group constructed a two-part digital strategy that would help optimize our client's existing website for modern SEO methods, and to build a link-building campaign to assist in creating backlinks to their site. As a result of our recommendations and link building campaign, our client's website continues to move up the SERP (search engine results pages), and their Google Analytics page proves that user experience on their site has been a lot better.  


Client: Fourie Consultants

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